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The Kavariians

Max Fitzpatrick
August 10, 2022

Whenever starting a new social media platform the first thing people will ask is how will you get users AND content. It's a classic chicken and the egg problem, how do you get users without content, and how do you get content without users? This hurdle prevents most social media platforms from ever getting off the ground and this is why we live in a world where only a few organizations rule the entire space. The centralization of these organizations puts our data privacy and personal freedoms at risk, this is why Kavarii was created. This control and censorship are so destructive that it's been causing a mass exodus from legacy social channels. Content creators are looking for a platform that allows them to be authentic, honest, and unfiltered.

Introducing our solution to the largest problem facing new social channels: Kavarrians. 

Free Lifetime Minting

Kavariians are NFTs that have built-in Utility to incentive creators to create and users to engage. The Kavariians NFT allow content creators to mint their content for free as long as they hold the NFT. This means that instead of paying the .05 EGLD IPFS storage fee every time you upload a video, you pay nothing for as long as you hold that NFT!

Because the project doesn’t have any third-party advertising, holding a Kavariian will allow creators to bypass the costs of doing business. With that said, 100% of the tokens you earn through likes, subscriptions, and tips go right to you. There are no middlemen, you earn what you produce, that's it. 

Exclusive Beta Testing Access 

 The Kavariian holders will get exclusive access to the Beta once it’s released. The Beta will be uploaded on the Mainnet, which means all the content uploaded, tips, and subscribers will carry over in the full release. More importantly, creators will have the opportunity to earn the KVRI token.

There has been a report ticketing system prepared for Beta testers for every bug and suggestion testers find. There will also be KVRI rewards distributed for verified bugs that are found. Rewards will be dedicated based on the size of the bug found. 

Staking rewards

If early Beta access and free minting fees weren’t enough, the Kavariians will have in-platform staking rewards. Once the Kavariian is staked that will trigger the rewards for the NFT. 

Rewards Multiplier

For the extent of the Beta phase (no estimate on duration at this time), the treasury will multiply the reward pool depending on how many Kavariians are staked. The reward pool gathers every single token that is sent for reports and dislikes and gives them back to the community. 

The multiplier works similarly on the creator side. The more Kavarrians you hold in your wallet the higher multiplier you will receive on every like and subscription. 

1 NFT = 2x Rewards

2 NFT’s = 3x Rewards 

4 NFT’s = 5x Rewards

Mint Details


Place: Frame It Launchpad ->

Total Supply: 2500

WL: None

Price 1 EGLD per NFT

Maximum per wallet: None


A percentage of the Mint fees will be going directly to “Together for Victor”, a fundraising campaign in an effort to get an 11-month baby boy the treatment he needs to cure a life-threatening disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1-4 copies. 

This is a Network-wide effort and here at Kavarii, we will do our part. To read more about the campaign here is the GoFundMe page:

And to check out the NFT collection “Super Victor” check out the Frame It page:

Who are the Kavariians? 

One of the aspects of Web3, blockchain technology, and the metaverse that make it so special is that it’s built on community. Empowering builders and creators of all types, whether you’re a programmer, artist, video content creator, or streamer, Kavarii wants to give you a platform to do just that, create.

Kavarii aims to meet that goal by giving the community ownership over their content and expressing who they truly are both online and in their everyday lives. In building a platform that is decentralized and on the blockchain, the users and the creators are really in the driver's seat.

So maybe you’re wondering why the Kavariians? Why purchase a Kavariians NFT? The Kavariians were developed not only to give amazing utility to the community using the platform but also to give a sense of identity to the users and creators. NFTs have created a whole new sense of identity in the online space that allows users and community members to be who they want to be online.

Kavariians believe in empowering the community to not only take control of their content, privacy, and, data but build a platform that rewards the creators for the work they put in. The goal is to change the status quo of what a social platform is, and the Kavariians will be the first to do just that. 

What is Kavarii? 

Kavarii is a decentralized video sharing platform that utilizes NFT & SFT technology, giving content creators complete control and ownership of their content. The platform has social-economic capabilities, so creators are rewarded for their content with token tips directly from their followers. Kavarii is a self-regulating & governing community. The users will create and vote on proposals, decide what content stays and what goes, and govern the direction of the project via the DAO that is 100% on-chain.


None of this is financial advice, and we recommend everyone do their own research. This is not an endorsement by Aerovek Aviation as to the intrinsic value of a digital asset (AERO, KVRI, or Kavariians). All the information above is just for information purposes only for Kavarii community members. 

Thanks to everyone who has joined us in this incredibly exciting adventure, best part is this is just the beginning.

Article by
Max Fitzpatrick