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October Newsletter

Max Fitzpatrick
August 10, 2022

NFTs can embody anything digital, from drawings, music, videos to your latest and hottest tweet – check the interesting case of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet, burned into an NFT, that was actually sold in 2021 for $2.9 million.

A lot of the buzz around NFTs the past couple of years revolved mainly around NFT Art and NFTs are often seen as an evolution of art collecting however there is so much more that NFTs are capable of. And while we recognize the value and importance of NFT Art, beyond transient value we also look up to the immutable core traits of NFT technology - true ownership and provenance and what they can provide. 

The two major tech traits allow us to translate NFTs also into utility tools and enablers of in-platform use cases. All with the ultimate goal to provide opportunities, enhanced and seamless user experience while providing to creators immutable ownership and necessary means to engage their audience, all based on blockchain technologies.

The #Kavariian NFTs are a perfect example of NFTs packed with utility and specifically to our platform Kavarii, utility and benefits for creators and content consumers alike.

With a focus on the constant approach of the launch of Kavarii Beta version and the final mint of the Kavariian NFT collection, the month of September was full of events.

Let’s bactrack over the most important ones 👇

Kavariian NFTs Final mint (on-going) – 

Minting is Live on FrameIT with the official collection ticker - KVRIAN-436761! Kavariian FINAL  mint round started on 30th of September to continue until the entire collection is minted (supply of only 2500,) or until further notice from the team. To stress out that the mint interval will be limited and remaining unminted NFT will go to the treasury.

Any holder will be able to access a suite of benefits starting from Kavarii Beta Access, Staking opportunities with $KVRI token as a reward, Engagement Rewards Multiplier token and most importantly FREE video mints for LIFE!

Kavarii x CyberpunkCity partnership – 

Play to Earn meets Stream to Earn! One collaboration that just makes sense, both projects being focused on blockchain tech adoption and Web3 beliefs. CyberpunkCity video gaming content creators and viewers will find in Kavarii the perfect stage to play, watch and earn, all made possible by the innovative reward system that will be implemented on Kavarii!

Read more about the partnership HERE in a dedicated article.

September AMA – 

It is of the highest importance for us to keep updated and to interact with the community as it is best way to receive feedback on our developments, feedback that will ultimately lead to release of the best product version possible. 

Month of September marked some great AMA sessions, and we would highlight the Kavarii Council (KAC) AMA that gathered the bright minds of the council. 


If you missed September's  live events, you can listen HERE the KAC AMA and HERE the Core Team one.

Kavarii Dev Updates – 

Q4, 2022 will mark the release of Kavarii Beta version, open to the public and live on Elrond Network. Either on platform testing or on platform development, the entire team is working relentlessly for the delivery on time and will full set of planned features of the Beta version.

Check out the latest batch of released features HERE and a sneak peek on the platform straight from our CEO Ryan Dietz feed - HERE.

Kavarii x Decentralization

Unfiltered and unobstructed content availability is one of our main goals and as one of the core features of Kavarii, decentralization is implemented at every layer of the platform. 

Check out the pillars that ensure decentralization on Kavarii - HERE and join our official channels  Telegram and Discord to discuss with the team and find out first the latest news.

Kavariians Meme Giveaway – 

The creativity of our community constantly amazes us, and we had so much fun in hosting this one. Contest theme was to create a Movie Related Kavariian MEME, and we want to give a big thanks to all the participants!

You can access THIS link if you would like to check out the winner MEMEs or search on Twitter using the hashtag “#kavariimeme” for all entries, we promise you will not regret it.

Article by
Max Fitzpatrick