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November Newsletter

Mike Valdez
November 9, 2022

Kinetic energy is the energy an object has because of its motion. And what started with a simple impulse of energy at the beginning of this year, is gaining momentum through the applied forces of the community, creators, and project team alike! Momentum that will enable us to build and scale Kavarii together in a true decentralized manner!

Web2.0 (Read-Write) era has changed the way we create and share our ideas. From new web apps and content-sharing sites to social networking platforms. However the implementation of Web2.0 allowed the tech giants to create an ecosystem where they exchange user personal data for profit. Legacy platforms where creators have zero ownership on their content and users no control on their personal data, becoming basically the product!

Designed following the Web3.0 principles, Kavarii proposes a new social-economic model that allows users to Read-Write-Own their content and personal information without the need of a trusted party. Creating an unfiltered ecosystem of creativity in a new economic model where quality content is promoted and where the revenue is kept in full by the creator!

Now is the time for Kavarii! 

Live on @ElrondNetwork Mainnet since 31st of October!

For sure October highlight is the launch of Kavarii Beta version on MultiversX Mainnet, but the past month was packed with events, so let’s rewind on the most important ones:


Kavarii Beta Live – 

Starting 31st of October Kavarii is live on @ElrondNetwork Mainnet! Beta stage is marked with some incredible opportunities for both creators and viewers alike! 

  • For creators 
  • Early Community Kickstart
  • First to claim channel name
  • Receive multiplied (up to x5) $KVRI rewards during BETA stage
  • Viewers
  • Staking opportunities – up to 4 Kavariians can be staked with $KVRI as rewards
  • Engagement rewards - multiplied by every Kavariian you own and stake. Yes, with every like tip or subscribe you get more back during Beta multiplied by the amount of Kavarii, you stake.

To mention, all uploaded content, accounts, and all engagement forms (likes, subscribes) will be carried to the official version planned for release in 2023! More info regarding Kavarii, and Beta Launch information can be found HERE!

Kavariians Mint Live on @FrameIT – 

Minting and holding a Kavariians is currently the only way to access Kavarii BETA and a wide range of benefits. Up to 4 NFTs can be staked multiplying your staking and engagement rewards as well as the LIFETIME benefit of FREE video uploads/minting.

With a limited supply of only 2500 NFTs, the Kavariians can now be minted on @FrameIT platform!

October AMAs – 

Livepeer AMA - Live streaming is great way to connect with like minded individuals and to create a genuine communication channel with your community! To deliver an industry grade streaming solution Kavarii benefits from the near-infinite scalability of Livepeer, a decentralized network, and many-to-many streaming infrastructure! If you didn’t manage to listen to the live discussion between our CEO Ryan Dietz and Livepeer CTO Eric Tang you can find the recording HERE!

Hi-Rez AMA – a fast paced discussion between Ryan and Hi-Rez around the monetization issues faced by content creators, the effect of intrusive Ads, and big tech ownership over online content. During the meeting it was announced the partnership between the Hi-Rez and Kavarii with more details to be shared in the coming weeks!

Kavarii Genesis – 

Leveraging blockchain technology Kavarii will bring to the market an revolutionary approach on how users and creators experience an online video-sharing platform! From the underlying infrastructure, content ownership and control to instant and easy monetization it was all part of our 10 days campaign #Genesis!  A rundown over some the biggest advancements Kavarii will bring, you can check below a summary of the campaign:

  • Storage - through the decentralized and tamper proof solution from IPFS
  • ABR – providing seamless UX, ABR implementation follows the highest industry standards
  • Engagements - Like, Dislike, TIP, Report or Subs! All on chain ensuring recognition based on merit!
  • Bytes - the dedicated short video section will be available on Kavarii
  • Video AI – inhouse developed algorithm for automatic content verification for potential illegal, abusive, or copyright data
  • Streaming - leveraging the near-infinite scalability of Livepeer protocol
  • Security + Privacy - through the use of decentralized and friendly login options: Maiar and Elrond DEFI Wallet
  •  NFT tech onboarding – used to gate the access to Kavarii Beta and reward both users and creators through their activity, NFT tech will be at the core of our platform!
  • Audio Meetups – designed to bridge the gap between creators and audience
  • Tags, Hashtags and Search - used correctly can make the difference in reaching the right audience or not.

Article by
Mike Valdez