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Kavarii x Cyberpunk City

John Brian Carthy
September 27, 2022

Two of the leading projects on Elrond Network are teaming up

We are excited to announce that Kavarii are officially teaming up with Cyberpunk City.

This partnership will amplify the growth and adoption of blockchain gaming and content creation by leveraging the explosive potential Elrond Network’s blockchain technology.

Who are Cyberpunk City?

Cyberpunk City are building a groundbreaking and immersive MMO RPG experience with limitless creativity and true ownership of game assets on the Elrond Network.

Built with Unreal Engine 5, Cyberpunk City will provide a visually stunning and engaging experience, while their $CYBER token will power their ecosystem by aligning incentives within their Metaverse.

We highly recommend checking out their whitepaper to explore their vision further.

Revolutionizing Streaming with Kavarii

This partnership paves the way for Kavarii to enter the streaming space.

Streaming is an exploding market and the global audience for watching people play video games on video platforms is projected to touch almost 1 billion in 2022.

However, because of the incentive structure and centralized nature of companies like Twitch and YouTube, users don’t capture the majority of value they create. Even worse, they can be restricted or deplatformed without warning or reprieve.

Supporters also pay subscription fees to access exclusive content from their favorite creators or simply encourage them to continue creating, but as much as 50% of this is taken by the platform.

Kavarii fix this.

The $KVRI token allows monetization opportunities from day 1, and the structure of the platform ensures you forever retain ownership of your content.

The $KVRI token will be a publicly traded asset and can be used to like, subscribe or tip your favorite creators directly. The value from the attention on the platform goes directly to those who are generating it with no sneaky fees or charges.

Kavarii x Cyberpunk City Partnership

Kavarii’s partnership with Cyberpunk City makes sense on different levels.

It makes sense in terms of the alignment of our visions, centered around belief in a trustless world without fear of centralized censorship and control. This is demonstrated by their unique ‘Own The Game’ concept, where ownership of the game is essentially fractionalized and distributed via NFT ownership.

It makes sense it terms of serving and capturing the market for streaming, where the innovative Kavarii incentive structure powered by the $KVRI token, will reward both streamers and viewers of the CyberPunk City game on the Kavarii platform. Kavarii will be the Official Streaming Partner of Cyberpunk City and the game will be featured on the Kavarii platform.

It makes sense for CyberPunk players who will be able to earn from both playing and streaming simultaneously. Cyberpunk City will offer eventual in-game integrations with Kavarii.

Play to Earn meets Stream to Earn.

Aligning incentives and multiplying growth.

Moving forward

Benefits of the partnership include:

● Kavarii will be the Official Streaming Partner of Cyberpunk City

● Cyberpunk City will be featured and promoted on the Kavarii Platform

● Eventual in-game integrations between Cyberpunk City and Kavarii

● Project Collaboration and Support

● Cyberpunk City will create content for the Kavarii Platform

● Cross-community Promotion and Collaboration initiatives to amplify growth

● More to come…

We are invigorated to partner with Cyberpunk City as we both embark on executing our respective, revolutionary visions.

Article by
John Brian Carthy