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Kavarii: The Next Frontier for Content Creation

John Brian Carthy
September 27, 2022

Launches on October 31st

Kavarii, the world's first fully distributed, on-chain, video streaming network, is entering Beta on

Elrond Network mainnet on the 31st of October.

Kavarii is built on the principle of placing the value back in the hands of the creators and

facilitates this by offering actual ownership of your content, community governance and

immediately accessible monetization opportunities for creators.

From the 31st of October, the era of immutability begins. All content that is minted on Kavarii will

be stored on the blockchain as an NFT, meaning that even if the content is removed from the

Kavarii platform, it cannot be deleted from existence. The importance of this is becoming ever

clearer daily.

What is Beta?

Beta is an opportunity for early adopters and supporters to use and test the platform. Since Kavarii is a content-driven platform, building on Devnet is cumbersome because the switch to mainnet would mean all previously uploaded content would disappear. Creating great content takes a lot of effort to produce and users spend so much time watching and engaging that it didn't seem fair to the community to have to start from scratch. 

Features will be rolled out in phases, starting with the most critical. Beta will be a period of iteration and improvement, ultimately leading to the full launch of the Kavarii platform in 2023.

To participate in Beta fully, you must hold an NFT from one of the below collections in your


If you don’t own any of those collections, you will only be able to view the content on the Platform. You will not be able to post, engage, or access any other feature within Beta. 

Engage to Earn

As a reward for your early support and willingness to battle test the platform, there will be 

Kavariian staking rewards that will last throughout Beta. Your $KVRI rewards will be multiplied with each additional Kavariian that is staked. $KVRI is earned through engagement with the platform, the more creators post and the more users engage the more KVRI tokens will be earned through the multiplier. 

There will be a maximum of 4 Kavariians that can be staked at a time. 

  • 1 NFT = 2x Rewards
  • 2 NFT’s = 3x Rewards
  • 4 NFT’s = 5x Rewards

1. Content creators will get a multiplier for every like and subscription he/she gets from other users up to 5x. 

2. Users who aren't creators will be able to earn based on the amount of engagement they perform. Rewards will be calculated based on likes, subs, and tips. The more Kavariians you have the more rewards users can claim. 

Beta Features

The first phase of Beta will see the most important features rolled out with priority. 

Video Uploads and Technology

  •  Kavarii will adopt the advanced Adaptive Bitrate Streaming technology. It detects the user's CPU and bandwidth to adapt the video playback based on specs to maximize output quality.
  • Kavarii Video AI will also use Artificial Intelligent Object Detection that will automatically identify videos and classify them correctly based on machine learning (NSFW, Porn, violence, etc.)
  • Kavarii will store and distribute videos using IPFS. IPFS is a distributed network of over 200k nodes worldwide that store blockchain assets.

Distributed Live Streaming

  • Live Streaming will be available on the Kavarii Platform, enabling use cases as have emerged for gaming, Q+As, seminars, and more. Once a stream ends, it can be minted as an NFT and uploaded on Kavarii. Both OBS and Native streams will be supported.


Search Optimization: Tags, Hashtags and Search

  • Users can choose a unique channel username that they can share with their fans to tune in 24/7.
  • Everything is searchable or clickable on Kavarii.
  • Users can tag their videos and store that information inside the NFT, allowing other users to quickly find and interact with the most relevant content.
  • Categories are also saved as tags, adding another dimension to work with related content to enhance the user experience.

On-chain Engagement: Like, Subscribe, and Comment

  • All Kavarii engagement is economic and powered by the $KVRI token.
  • It costs 7 KVRI (<$0.01) to engage with the creator, for likes, tips, and subscriptions.
  • 100% of $KVRI goes to the creator's wallet.
  • For dislikes and reports, the $KVRI gets sent to the User Rewards Pool to be distributed to the community. The more a user engages on the platform the higher the amount of KVRI tokens they earn from the rewards pool.
  • Comments are stored in smart contracts and the owner of the video can turn comments on/off. For the initial stage of Beta comments will be disabled until fully optimized for a perfect user experience. 

Wallet Login

  • You can only log in to Kavarii by connecting your wallet.
  • No emails or passwords will be required to login and use the platform.
  • Your personal information can never be hacked or stolen as we don’t collect or use it.
  • We highly recommend using the Defi wallet extension for the best connection while uploading content. 

Planned Future Features

If the features rolled out in phase 1 of the Kavarii Beta weren’t enough, here is a list of what we

have planned as we aim to build the world’s leading decentralized video-sharing platform.

  • Dope Eagle Staking
  • Audio Meetups
  • Kavarii Bytes
  • Kavarii Tracks

By no means are these all the features we will develop. We will be continuously building and looking for innovative ways to increase functionality and usability. 

Mint your Kavariian today

Mint a Kavariian for 1 $EGLD here for early access to this revolutionary platform along with

multiplied rewards and free lifelong uploads.

Article by
John Brian Carthy