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Get Started with Kavarii

Mike Valdez
November 9, 2022

Create Maiar Wallet

The Maiar Connect wallet / Defi wallet is essential for getting started on the Kavarii platform as it is the basis for how to interact with the platform. Being that this is a Web3 platform, Kavarii utilizes your Maiar connect wallet to store all of your account information including channel information, Video NFTs, $KVRI tokens, and $eGLD for transactions.

To download the Maiar application you can go here. *Supports both Android and iOS Devices*

Once you have set up your Maiar Connect or Defi Wallet it’s time to purchase some $eGLD which will be required for the initial setup of your account. At the time of posting this article, you will need .05 $eGLD to create a playlist (This is Elrond Blockchains fee, not ours).

Now that we have created a Maiar wallet / Defi Wallet and purchased some $eGLD it’s time to head on over to the Kavarii platform.

Head on over to Kavarii & Connect your Wallet

The next step to getting started on Kavarii is to head over to the site and get ready to connect your Maiar Connect or Defi Wallet to your account. You can do so in the top right-hand corner of the site.

You will then be prompted to choose the type of wallet that you would like to connect to, either your Maiar Connect wallet or your Defi Wallet.

Once selected, you will be prompted with either the QR code to connect to your Maiar app wallet or on your browser for the Defi Wallet.

*If you have any issues or questions up to this point, we invite you to join either our Telegram here or our Discord here to ask questions.

Now that you’re connected, it’s time to start creating your channel and uploading some content!

Claim your Username & Create a Channel

You’re all logged into the platform and now is the time to create your channel and claim your username. You will want to navigate to the account page which can be found by clicking on the left-hand menu.

You will then be prompted to go through the process of creating your channel name and bio. This will look something similar to what’s shown below.

You will have to sign a transaction via your Maiar Connect or Defi Wallet once you are ready to lock all of your information in place. Keep in mind that all your data is stored on the blockchain and within your wallet.

Now that you have signed those transactions and your account is stored on the Elrond Blockchain, you’re ready to start creating your first playlist and uploading video content.

Creating a Playlist & Uploading Video Content

We are ready to start uploading content and getting those views and engagements rolling. Well, first we need to create a playlist to get those videos up. Let’s click on the upload video button on the left-hand side and you will notice a prompt that mentions you will need to sign TWO transactions in order for the playlist to be created. This will be very important because if both transactions are not signed, you will fail to create this playlist. 

Click on Create playlist on the right-hand side to begin.

You will now be prompted with the ability to name your playlist and give it a ticker (The ticker is how NFTS are designated to be apart of a collection).

*This process may take 30 seconds - 1 minute depending on blockchain traffic*

Now that you have created a playlist, you will be able to upload videos to that playlist. The dialogue box will be very straightforward. Enter the video title, description, category, and rating along with any tags that you wish to include.

That’s it, it’s that easy to upload a video from here on out!

*If you have any issues or questions up to this point, we invite you to join either our Telegram here or our Discord here to ask questions.

Engaging with the platform

One of the things that set Kavarii apart from other social media platforms is the platform encourages rewarding the creators for the work they put into their work. That’s why the decision was made to make every like, subscribe, and comment (coming soon) to be an actual transaction or $KVRI tokens. Currently, it costs 7 $KVRI to Like and Subscribe to a channel, which goes directly to the creator. *The Kavarii platform does not take any piece of that. With that said, if you’re a Kavariian holder and you have your Kavariians staked on the platform, you will receive engagement multipliers based on the number of Kavariians staked.

1 Kavariian = 2x Rewards

2 Kavariians = 3x Rewards

3 Kavariians = 4x Rewards

4 Kavariians = 5x Rewards

That means that for every engagement you send, you will actually receive more KVRI in return just for engaging with that creator.

In case you haven’t had a chance to snag your Kavariians to join the Beta, the mint is still open.

You can get yours here.

We will see you on Kavarii!

The team at Kavarii appreciates the support of all those who have uploaded content and engaged with the platform. We continue to work to improve the experience and deliver a quality Web3 video streaming experience for everyone. 

Keep in mind that the platform is still in Beta and we would appreciate any feedback you might have on our Telegram channel or Discord channel!

Article by
Mike Valdez