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December Newsletter

Mike Valdez
November 9, 2022

Do you have an idea that you want to share? Do you want to educate, inspire or just to entertain? Or maybe you have a conversation you want to start with like mined people? Igniting fruitful conversations and building new communities is challenging, we now first hand. This is why Kavarii nurtures and rewards creators. It provides the tools to bridge the gap with the audience and creates the avenue for community valued content to shine! 

How do we do this? We are just getting started but let’s recap on some main value points.

True Ownership - we use blockchain technology to store all data, engagements and content on the platform, and each video is minted into a NFT providing low-cost ownership and provenance. This allows for easy transfers and offers the owner the ability to take their data with them wherever they please.

Censorship Resistant – Kavarii uses algorithmic censorship and DAO governance for content curation. And through the native blockchain tech traits once a video is minted it's tied to the user's unique address on the blockchain forever and is publicly available to anyone in the world at any time, making it the most censorship-resistant technology on earth.

Reward System and Economics - the cost of each like, subscribe and “Tip” goes entirely to the creator, hence the audience gets to support its favorite creators and content truly and directly. Kavarii facilitates instant content monetization…from the first Like!

100% AD Free - Kavarii has no pre-roll ads or intrusive pop-up ads that prevent viewers from instantly watching the video they clicked on! No forced agenda or content curation dictated by marketing campaigns!

November was definitely marked by the launch of Kavarii Beta on MultiversX, however the last month was packed with events. Let’s rewind on the major one.

Kavarii Beta Metrics – 

One month since Kavarii Beta is live on MultiversX and the road so far has been incredible. With the support of the community, creators, and viewers alike, we managed to live stress the platform and improve it on the fly.  Content is daily uploaded on the platform, and we love the diversity of topics covered. A great first month for the Beta version on its road to the official release and here are the metrics up to this point on the Beta.

We remind you all that the cost for all the engagements, either is Like, TIP, or Subscribed are sent over to the creators without any fees being applied. Supporting the creators and bridging the gap between them and their audience is at the core of Kavarii and more than 15k $KVRI has been sent in engagements directly to creators!

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First-ever live stream on Kavarii – 

During an episode of Chess & Chat (recording HERE) we marked the first Live streaming event on Kavarii. Through the use Livepeer’s (our technology partner) fully decentralized. scalable and dedicated video streaming network protocol our livestream service connects over an infrastructure that puts Kavarii in line with other streaming platforms!

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Live streaming is great way to connect, boost the sense of community and creates a genuine communication channel!

From webinars or training events, gaming, and live podcasts there is no limit on what you can broadcast on Kavarii!

Unique to Kavarii and opposed to legacy platforms, our live stream infrastructure service is resistant to censorship and tampering!

Creator spotlight – 

Creators play an important part in our life and deserve our recognition for the effort they put in every day. Either they want to educate, inspire or simple entertain us we salute, and we are thankful for all creators that are already sharing on Kavarii no matter the content. This month we have given the spotlight to some incredible talented and dedicated ones:

  • Agadmator - a creator that analyzes and shares the most spectacular chess content. Channel on Kavarii - HERE.
  • Vanessa Harris aka technologypoet - is a prime example of a creator that understands the value ownership not only over your content but over your personal data.  Channel on Kavarii - HERE.
  • DivXMaN – as in many aspects of life, also in crypto world is always good to stay informed and Crypto_DIV delivers some great TA and event analysis. But don’t take us on our word, check out his channel on Kavarii - HERE and…DYOR.
  • Crypto Airborne – if you want to get updated with the latest crypto news and in-depth looks into some of the projects in the space, Crypto Airborne is your channel, HERE on Kavarii.
  • Deltatangomike – visual artist, passionate about drawing while onboarding the community in the creation process. Helping charitable causes such as, @Together4Victor you can find his latest post on Kavarii HERE.

Kavarii Beta new user onboarding – 

Starting 21st of November all Dope Eagles NFT holders gained access to Kavarii Beta, marking the second stage of user onboarding. The increased number of users will further stress test the platform while providing access to an bigger audience to Kavarii. All towards creating a better product and expand Kavarii’s reach.

November AMAs – 

Ryan Dietz X Chessucation

This AMA was the first-ever live stream on Kavarii.  

If you want to check Ryan’s chess skills and get updated the latest news regarding our project, check out the AMA recording  HERE.

Ryan Dietz x Entity Finance 

Find out our CEO thoughts on the importance of the tools and community within the MultiversX ecosystem in a brief and interesting discussion with Lewis from Entity Finance.

The entire interview can be found HERE.

Kavarii Beta functionality release – 

Although there were countless improvements made in the last month on Kavarii following the live testing and inputs from the community one major functionality was the released - the capability of users to post Comments. And as part of Beta stage Engagement reward campaign, for every comment you make you earn back multiplied by the number of Kavariians you stake!

Kavariians Statistics – 

Kavariians NFT collection is a limited supply one of only 2500 NFTs, out of which 2142 NFTs have already been minted! Holding a Kavariians is currently one of the ways to access Kavarii BETA and the gate to a wide range of benefits. Up to 4 NFTs can be staked multiplying your staking and engagement rewards as well as the LIFETIME benefit of FREE video uploads/minting.

Minting is live on @FrameIT.

Article by
Mike Valdez