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The World's first fully distributed, on-chain, video streaming network.

Truly own your content via NFTs, share freely without fear, and earn crypto with your very first like, in a 100% AD-free environment.

What's wrong with big tech?

Lack of Freedom

Social networking giants are taking down your videos for no legitimate reason and trying to tell you what's true and what's not.

Centralized Ownership

Who really owns the content if it can be taken away or the rules of the game can change at any time?

Difficult to Monetize

To make a real living for new creators can take years and is extremely daunting and in some cases impossible.

Invasive Ads

Users’ personal and professional data gets collected and sold to advertisers with zero compensation.
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What makes Kavarii Possible

True Web 3 Ownership
a new sense of ownership

True Web3 Ownership

Every video uploaded or “minted” will be in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). All content on Kavarii will exist on the blockchain forever tied to the user’s unique address, with full management rights.


No Permissions



Censorship Resistant

Built completely on the blockchain, making it the most censorship-resistant technology on earth. And where differences in opinions are celebrated not criminalized.

Community Voting

The DAO decides what stays and what goes, not one individual.

Algorithmic Restrictions

Analysis of the ratio between likes, dislikes, and reports will be used to classify content as inappropriate or harmful.

Censorship Resistant
Reward Systems
Creators first

Reward system and Economics

Due to Native payment support, the KVRI token will power the Kavarii ecosystem and fuel creators' creativity and userbase engagement.

Creator rewards

Earn KVRI with every like, subscribe, and “Tip”. 100% of all revenue generated goes straight to the creator.

User Incentives

Users can earn KVRI based on activity and engagement on the platform.
a new sense of ownership

No Ads, P2P Livestreaming, Limitless Storage

  • We will not have any 3rd party ads on the site. We want creators and users to experience web3 video without any distractions.
  • Live streams and chats are distributed and peer-to-peer that run through the browser, not servers which allow for infinite scalability as we grow.
  • IPFS (interplanetary file system) allows creators to build and share on the decentralized web without limitations or max file sizes.
Kavarii Platform

What makes Kavarii Different


True Ownership

Built with Smart Contracts

Native Crypto Payments

Unlimited Distributed File Storage

Distributed Live Streaming

Zero Ads

Community Governance

Lifetime Exclusive Access

100% Revenue goes to creator

Why multiversx


Under the Hood

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Kavarii Roadmap

Follow along with the journey of the Kavarii Development by checking out our roadmap below.

Q2 2022
Features completed:
Livestream Modules
Mobile Friendly UI
Devnet Kavarii Faucet
User Account Page
Livestream Section
Q3 2022
In Progress
Features completed:
Alpha Launch

Alpha launch will be the initial testing phase amongst the team, Advisory council and special invite. We will launch on Devnet and work out any major bugs or issues through this phase with the goal to launch beta testing on Mainnet.

Q4 2022
In Progress
Features completed:
Beta Launch
Phase 1 - NFT Holder Access
Phase 2 - Kavarii Collaborators Group Access
Phase 3 - Signup form access

Features to be tested will include

Playlist creation - Video Minting - Video playing and similar content algorithms - Economics model for creators - Live streaming and streaming chat - Report blocking algorithm - Engagement, likes, tips, subscribe, dislikes

Q1 2023
In Progress
Features completed:
Product Launch

Our official product launch will begin in early 2023 as we open the doors to anyone and everyone to come join us!

kavarii nft collection


Follow along with the journey of the Kavarii Development by checking out our roadmap below.


Mint yours August 20th

NFTs with Utility that keep on Giving
Free Minting Fees on Kavarii

Never pay for mint fees when you hold a Kavariian in your wallet. Giving you the power to upload content on the daily and never worrying about the cost.

Early Access to Beta

Kavariian holders get access to the Kavarii Beta in Q4 of 2022 giving them a sneak peak at the platform before anyone else.

Engagement Rewards Multiplier

Kavariian holders will get increased rewards from community engagement on their videos. This gives you all the incentive to upload as much content as possible!

Staking Rewards

Kavariian holders get exclusive staking opportunities within the Kavarii platform.

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